Red Flower | Baby Wrap Swaddling Blanket

    Swaddling involves wrapping your baby snugly in a receiving blanket. It keeps your little one cozy in a womb-like environment, which soothes them and promotes better sleep.

    Boutique-Quality muslin swaddles

    Carrie Wrap creates Boutique-Quality muslin swaddles made by hands we have personal relationships with. The combination of 70% rayon from bamboo and 30% cotton creates a light, breathable and airy fabric that is still soft. Measuring in at 47" x 47", they are perfect for a generous swaddle, a stroller cover, and so much more. 

    • Luxuriously Soft: 70% rayon from Bamboo, 30% cotton to ensure incredible softness and comfort.
    • Design: The artistic peony design will wrap your little one in luxury.
    • Feel: Super soft, comfy, airy, breathable and cuddly . Feeling is Believing.
    • High quality construction: Every aspect is considered from the thread to the dye, from the factory to the family who receives this muslin.
    • All Purpose: Stroller/Nursing Cover, blanket for tummy-time, swaddling.
    • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, no bleach, tumble dry low.

    Method of Using

    Start by spreading the receiving blanket out on a bed, the floor, or a couch in a diamond shape. Fold down one corner, about the length of your hand. Pull the left side of the blanket across the baby's body, keeping their right arm slightly bent underneath it. Tuck the blanket under the baby's left side. Keep a little wiggle room around the hips. Fold the bottom tail of the blanket up (toward the baby's head), covering their feet and legs and overlapping the left-side fold. Make sure that your baby isn't wrapped too tightly. They’ll be most comfortable if they feel snug, not squeezed. Once they fall asleep, you can lay them on their back in the crib.