Blue Soft Baby Wrap Carrier

    Great Gaby Carrier 

    This wrap is great if you'll be spending the day driving around town with your babe, as you can pop baby out of the wrap and into the car seat, then right back into the wrap when you've arrived at your destination. Perfect for around the house, too, with a baby who wants a lot of up and down and in and out action, when you need a great baby carrier so you can get things done.

    Ideal for Busy Peoples:

    The Baby Wrap Swaddling Blanket is ideal for people who are looking for a cozy and sleek wrap-style carrier for the first months of baby's life. Although it looks very similar to a woven wrap, the quality of the fabric creates a very different feeling when worn. The stretchy knit fabric feels like your favorite cozy sweatshirt or t-shirt, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

    Self-Tightening Quality

    The self-tightening quality of a stretchy wrap holds your baby securely, without having to adjust any straps or buckles, giving you more time to snuggle with your baby. Its one size fits all length lets you share this baby carrier between you and your partner, and any other caregiver.

    • 95% cotton 5% spandex (high quality French Terry material)
    • Machine washable